FTP Movement

Fruition Thru Persistence | Feeding The People | Fight The Power | Free The Prisoners

The FTP Movement is where theory meets practice— minus the empty rhetoric, mindless activism and fashionable militancy. The FTP Movement views the Liberation Struggle as an ongoing process with reachable goals that are met through work ethic, consistency and dedication. With members spanning the globe, FTP’s foundation is built on love, respect, loyalty, discipline and principled unity. The mission is to raise political awareness, and engage and inspire people to take an active role in building the community.


FTP Movement is a modern day action-oriented network of everyday people who understand and value life. Not the same ol' grassroots activism, FTP is more of a collective of organizations and individuals committed to our people’s survival and wellbeing. In our pursuit of love, peace and happiness we are clear that we have to resist and overcome tyranny and oppression relentlessly. Whether we are providing sustenance thru our Feed The People program, promoting holistic living thru Mama’s Army, teaching the youth within the Siafu Youth Corps or providing self reliance and preparedness training thru the Urban Survival Preparedness Institute; our passion and principles are unwavering.

Official logo for FTP Movement Black Siafu Ant standing on Red, Black and Green letters