Community Movement Builders



Community Movement Builders (CMB) is a 501(c)(3) member based collective of black people dedicated to being a force for creating sustainable self-determining communities through cooperative economic advancement and collective community organizing. Our mission is rooted in Black love and equity.​

Community Organizing

CMB is working to win real changes in policy and resource ownership for our community. We have developed demands and participated in actions to stop police violence and will develop a model for organizing to create sustainable resources in the community.

Food Justice​

CMB is the care-taker of the Welch street community garden and a private garden on Windsor street in the Pittsburgh area of Atlanta. Pittsburgh is a community settled by formally enslaved Africans in 1883. It has remained a working-class black community until today. As with too many of our communities it has suffered from a lack of resources and community control which has led to the area being a food desert. CMB  will distribute fresh food to the community, create community food sustainability programs with youth from the area. Presently, we are developing a food sovereignty program that will feature a Black farmers market which will launch this spring.

Anti-Gentrification-Buy Back the Block Campaign

Neighborhood forces across the country are fighting back by creating ad-hoc organizations, protest groups, cooperatives, non-profits and other entities to organize against gentrification, the Pittsburgh community in Atlanta is no different. The community is pushing back with policy initiatives, public anti-gentrification campaigns and land-acquisition campaigns to control the resources in the community needed to create activist housing, low/moderate income housing and land trust for long-term sustainability. Our goal is to use this model to stop gentrification and create a healthy Black community. Under our buy-back campaign, we currently own two properties in the community and plan on acquiring a new property every year.  Currently, one of our properties, the CMB community house hosts the Siafu Youth Corps, a home-schooling program of a partner organization and Renegade Clothing coop.

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