Freedom Home Academy Atlanta

Freedom Home Academy Atlanta will launch Spring 2020 with instruction for preK- 5th grade! Location and exact date (Tba)


Stay tuned for more details. For more info on how you can support or join the team feel free to contact us.

Freedom Home Academy International, an independent private school serving Afrikan youth began in Chicago, IL. We feel that all Afrikan children have growth and development potential that reaches far beyond our limited –and limiting– perception of society.


Our program is holistic in nature and addresses how the world is viewed. Therefore, we teach about international policy and how it places the Afrikan, so that our students can be clear on how to move with confidence in this competitive world.

We began as a humble home school 13 years ago, and have grown into a truly dynamic school where our elementary and middle school children learn on a high school and college level.



In Atlanta we will offer French, Kiswahili, Afrikan Martial Arts, Yoga, Science, Biology and more - concentrating on Reading, Mathematics, Focus, Geography, Health, and Cultural Enrichment.


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 UPDATE! We need YOUR assistance purchasing a 15 passenger van that will be used as a transport for the children in the Siafu Youth Corps! 

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