Organizing Is The New Cool!

Organizing is the New Cool explores the origin of The FTP Movement and how we mobilize against social injustice and oppression.


Viewers will be taken on a journey through the life of concerned citizens who want for their people what they want for themselves: Food, Clothing, Shelter and Justice For All!


Organizers, community activists, freedom fighters and artists come together to speak on society's challenges with the focus on finding practical solutions.


This documentary encourages the viewers to obtain self-leadership and empowerment to make radical changes within their environment. Coming Soon!!!

Wrath Of The Siafu

If Hip Hop was a hurricane, then Wrath of the Siafu would be positioned somewhere in the eye of the storm.


Wrath of the Siafu, the first single release off of the Organizing is the New Cool Soundtrack is a perfect example of the underlying theme of the documentary film.


This thunderous anthem is an amalgamation of 11 of Atlanta's heaviest hitting independent artists who lyrically ambush a hardcore instrumental that will leave the avid Hip Hop connoisseur begging for more!


The Dynamite Bruhz produced track features a who's who of internationally respected underground emcees including: StaHHr, Mike Flo, members of The Liuns Den and Craig "Flux" Singleton (co-producer of the film). This is a guaranteed Hip Hop Classic.

Feed The People Program

Since 2004, the Feed The People Program has spread and served over 275,000 meals and care packages in places such as Kenya, Zambia, Australia, UK, US and parts of Canada to name a few. Care packages that include –toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant and various feminine hygiene products. The focus is providing tangible relief to the people in our community who would most immediately benefit.