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Mama's Army

Mama’s Army is a program focusing on the development of Indigenous women (“women of color”) and their families. It is not required that you have given physical birth to be part of Mama’s Army, as women, by nature, are mothers and nurturers of life. Our participants advocate and practice holistic health, education, natural childbirth, community building, sustainable living, environmentalism, strengthening sisterhood and families, economic empowerment, and youth outreach. We understand that we are all at different levels of knowledge and development, and this program has been developed to assist one another in the vein of “each one, teach one” to reach a higher standard of living.


Mama’s Army was formed to bring about an evolution in the way we relate as Indigenous women amongst each other, within our families and abroad in the community. Our purpose is to eradicate our conditioning and get back to practicing traditional ways of living that helped our people flourish.

“Some would like to confine our women to their domestic duties or to see their organizations occupy themselves with charity, visits to hospitals or kindergartens, contests or beauty competitions. Yet, in the context of revolutionary Africa such activities come only in second place as they tackle only superficially the harmful effects of our historic conditions, failing to combat the fundamental causes of our economic difficulties and social shortcomings”

-  Ahmad Sekou Toure

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