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National Coalition to Combat Police Terrorism

The NCCPT is a coalition of grassroot activists and organizations dedicated to abolition of police occupation and terrorism in the African-American Community and Communities of Color.



The principles of Unity governing the NCCPT are:  

A Fundamental Belief in the Abolition rather than Reform  of White supremacist Institutions controlling Black Lives as a necessary basis for racial equality and Democracy in America.




​Ending racist institutional Policing (state sanctioned terrorism) in America and establishment of community regulated and controlled Decentralized Policing.


Social Mobilization and political empowerment of the lost 5% Black voter constituency in the Black community who’s Voter and Civil Rights are abrogated  by  racist institutional policing and Law Enforcement.


Political mobilization and organization of Black youth, Students, and Adults into alternative neighborhood community survival networks that protect Black Life and build positive neighborhood environments.


Challenging the reactionary and racist narratives of Law Enforcement on a national level regarding Mass imprisonment, school to prison pipeline, and translating those challenges into political independent power.

​The NCCPT is co-chaired by Former US Congresswoman and Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney and Former Black Panther Party Leader Dhoruba Bin Wahad.

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