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Siafu Youth Corps is a collaborative effort between the FTP Movement, Afrikan Martial Arts Institute and the National Black Archers Association. Siafu Youth Corps is a scouting/rites of passage program designed for inner city youth ages 11-16 years old. The goal of Siafu Youth Corps is to shape, mold and prepare our youth by arming them with leadership skills, encouraging good character, integrity, principles, morals and other tools needed to support themselves and their communities. SYC reinforces responsibility and accountability through a practical code of ethics. Siafu Youth are encouraged to be active in their communities through volunteerism and activism.


 Siafu Youth Corps is a rites of passage program offering urban survival and  preparedness training, Afrikan martial arts, agriculture, hiking, camping (pitching tents, making fires, campfire cooking, identifying plants edible & poisonous), First Aid/CPR, political and cultural education, community development, entrepreneurial skills, conflict resolution, life choices (values/virtues classes, substance abuse prevention, peer pressure), esteem building (i.e., public speaking) and more! 

SYC - Siafu Youth Corps
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