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The SIAFU Movement is where theory meets practice— minus the empty rhetoric, mindless activism and fashionable militancy. The SIAFU Movement views the Liberation Struggle as an ongoing process with reachable goals that are met through work ethic, consistency and dedication. With members spanning the globe, SIAFU’s foundation is built on love, respect, loyalty, discipline and principled unity. The mission is to raise political education, and engage and inspire people to take an active role in building the community.

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Organizing is the New Cool explores the origin of The FTP Movement and how we mobilize against social injustice and oppression.


Viewers will be taken on a journey through the life of concerned citizens who want for their people what they want for themselves: Food, Clothing, Shelter and Justice For All!


Organizers, community activists, freedom fighters and artists come together to speak on society's challenges with the focus on finding practical solutions.


This documentary encourages the viewers to obtain self-leadership and empowerment to make radical changes within their environment. Coming Soon!!!

Stained House

Liberation Housing serves as transitional & wellness habitations for veteran civil rights activists. These transitional houses are designed to provide temporary shelter and promote wellness and independence by providing supportive residential and outreach programs with a mission to help the veteran organizers to regain valuable and meaningful roles in the community by supplying them with much needed essentials and dire assistance. 

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