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Dhoruba Bin Wahad

Dhoruba Bin Wahad is a Former New York Black Panther Party Leader and Black Liberation Army (BLA) co-founder. Dhoruba served 19 years as a political prisoner and was released as a result of a federal lawsuit filed against the FBI, which argued that he was a victim of an FBI-police smear campaign that worked to destroy various grassroots and human rights organizations. 


The agency released over 300,000 pages of secret documents about COINTELPRO. FBI records show that prosecutors withheld crucial evidence from the defense and that Dhoruba was framed.


Since Dhoruba’s release he has continued to organize on an international level. A prolific writer and dynamic orator, an example of his work can be found in the book, “Still Black Still Strong” (co-authored by Assata Shakur and Mumia Abu Jamal).


A more detailed layout of Dhoruba’s case can be found in the film “Passin’ it on”. Dhoruba Bin Wahad currently serves as co-chair of the National Coalition to Combat Police Terrorism and is an Elder Advisor for The FTP Movement.

Kalonji Changa

Kalonji Jama Changa

Kalonji Jama Changa is considered by many to be one of the most effective organizers in the US.  An active people's advocate, Kalonji has fought on multiple fronts tackling issues such as local and national police brutality cases to international human rights violations. Due to his dedication and tenacity, Kalonji has been featured on numerous media outlets including CNN, FOX and the BBC networks, to name a few. 


Under Kalonji’s direction as Founder/National Coordinator of the FTP Movement, programs such as International Feed The People, Siafu Youth Corps, Mama's Army and the National Coalition to Combat Police Terrorism, have matured and developed.

Kalonji Jama Changa is author of the bestselling book, “How to Build a People’s Army” and co-producer of the documentary “Organizing is the New Cool”.


Kalonji Jama Changa currently serves as co-chair of the Urban Survival and Preparedness Institute and is co-founder of Black Power Media.


Cynthia McKinney

Dr. Cynthia McKinney is an internationally renowned peace activist who honed her professional skills in the Georgia Legislature and the United States Congress.


In 2015, Dr. McKinney earned a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change. A natural teacher, Dr. McKinney has lectured in classrooms across the world. Dr. Cynthia McKinney was the first Member of Congress to demand an investigation of 9/11/2001. She voted against every war-funding bill while in Congress. 


In 2008, Dr. Cynthia McKinney won the Green Party nomination and ran for U.S. President.


In December 2008, Dr. McKinney made international headlines when her boat was rammed by the Israeli’s as she was attempting to deliver medical supplies to Gaza. In 2009, Dr. McKinney tried again; she was kidnapped and taken to Israel where she spent 7 days in an Israeli prison. Since then she has written two books, “Illegal War on Libya” and “Ain't Nothing Like Freedom”. Dr. Cynthia McKinney currently serves as co-chair of the NCCPT. 


Balogun Ojetade

Balogun Ojetade is an author, master-level martial artist in indigenous, Afrikan combative arts and sciences, a survival and preparedness consultant, a former Communications and Asst. Operations Sergeant in the U.S. 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and a priest in several Afrikan spiritual traditions.


Balogun is Master Instructor and Technical Director of the Afrikan Martial Arts Institute, which has branches in the United States, England and Ghana, West Afrika. Balogun currently serves as Co-Chair of the Urban Survival Preparedness Institute.


Balogun is also the author of the bestselling non-fiction books Afrikan Martial Arts: Discovering the Warrior Within, The Afrikan Warriors Bible and The Young Afrikan Warriors’ Guide to Defeating Bullies & Trolls and ten novels, including the Steamfunk bestseller, MOSES: The Chronicles of Harriet Tubman (Books 1 & 2); the Urban Science Fiction saga, Redeemer; the Sword & Soul epic, Once Upon A Time In Afrika; Fist of Africa, a fight fiction novel and many more. Finally, he is co-author of the award winning screenplay, Ngolo.


Professor Griff

Professor Griff is an internationally renowned educator, writer, producer, musician, platinum recording/spoken word artist, lecturer and founding member of the pioneering and revolutionary hip hop group Public Enemy.”Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Artist” and “Grammy recipient of the “Life Time Achievement Award”.


Sunni Patterson

Armed with an engaging story, voice and presence, New Orleans native and visionary, Sunni Patterson, has been the featured performer at many of the Nation's premier spoken word venues, including HBO's Def Poetry Jam and BET's Lyric Cafe. She has also shared her work on the Arsenio Hall Show, TEDWomen (Momentum 2015), and on several international stages.


Inspired by her words, Beats by Dre commissioned Sunni to provide the soundscape for tennis great, Serena Williams', workout (wireless beats) commercial, and the congratulatory piece for Williams' third US Open win (Congratulations Serena ft. Sunni Patterson).


As a highly sort after lecturer, workshop facilitator, and performer, she deliberately uses art as a tool to recognize, address, and eliminate all forms of oppression. She has trained under great scholars, allowing her to become a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC), a certified instructor of Chi Kung (Qi Gong) and Tai Chi for Health, and a diligent student in the healing and spiritual arts. Believing in the transformational role poetry and spoken word plays, Sunni's mission is to aid in the awakening, the revival, and the remembrance of our gifts and voices.

Doc Peggins_edited.jpg

Dexter 'Doc' Peggins

Dexter ‘ Doc’ Peggins is the owner and primary training instructor for Steel Standing, LLC. The mission of Steel
Standing LLC is to educate and empower ‘Immediate Responders’ to save lives and provide medical aid to the
injured. We provide affordable emergency medical training and bleeding control kits. The kits are designed to
provide the tools needed to control blood loss and maintain the victim’s the airway during life-threatening medical
emergencies. Our training equips individuals with the ability to rapidly respond to accidents or acts of violence and
provide emergency medical care to save lives until advanced medical care arrives.

‘Doc’ is a Marine Corps and U.S Army veteran, having served 23 years in the U.S Army as a Combat Medic, Flight
Medic/EMT, Combat Casualty Care (C3) instructor and Class Advisor for the advanced training of enlisted medical
personnel. He has received extensive training in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) and Pre-Hospital Trauma
Life Support (PHTLS). Mr. Peggins is a Stop-the-Bleed (STB) instructor and Basic Life Support (BLS) instructor with
the American Heart Association (AHA). Mr. Peggins is a graduate of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Tactical Medical Instructor course.

Steel Standing LLC has provided basic emergency medical training to over 500 individuals including family
members, community and faith-based organizations, Security and Executive Protection specialists, firearm
instructors, and responsible individuals wanting to make a difference during life-threatening emergencies.


Taj Anwar

Taj Anwar is a native Atlantan and descendant of the well-known Perrin Family (South Carolinian geechees who relocated to Atlanta after World War II). Tajhiek Anwar Baoll (taj’s full name) is a mother, sociologist, veteran community organizer, activist, farmer, direct-entry midwife and breastfeeding specialist, business owner, event organizer, panelist, initiated/ crowned Iyalosa Obatala in the Lucumi/ Santeria tradition and Iyanifa in traditional Isese (Ifa). Her businesses, events, and co-ops have refined her skills and centered them around the guiding principles of food, clothing, and shelter; prison reform, and access to quality medical care.

Taj Anwar founded MOBBB- Mothers of Black and Brown Babies in 2006, which naturally evolved into Real Whole, Inc (501c3) and the Real Whole House; a community holistic health center, bed and breakfast, birth and postpartum center was founded by Taj Anwar, in which she serves as an innkeeper, farmer, birth worker attendant, and caretaker.

In addition to her community work, Taj is also a career paramedic Captain with a major metropolitan public safety department, a critical and trauma care Paramedic for the number one trauma hospital in the state, a civil service member in Atlanta; and a blue-collar, working-class champion.

Marcus Kline Recent_edited.jpg

Marcus Kline

Co-founder of Freedom Home Academy International (along with his late wife Ashaki Bochum-Kline) Marcus Kline is a proven force to be reckoned with when it comes to education.


A leading educator in the Afrikan Centered Education Movement, Marcus expanded Freedom Home Academy from the humble South Side of Chicago basement home school to an international institution of higher learning with campuses in Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta and Miami (and more to come). 


Under Marcus' leadership, Freedom Home Academy is Afrikan centered in culture with a specific emphasis in higher level education and tutoring for toddlers through high school. FHA's focus is on developing and enhancing children intellectually, socially, and physically. FHA uses different methods of teaching in order to best meet the learning style of children while aiming for academic intensity through an Afrikan perspective.


Marcus believes in Pan-Afrikan networks. One of his goals is to open a school in Ghana to provide opportunities for Afrikan children and develop student leaders in our homeland. He has already purchased acres of land in Accra for that purpose. Marcus Kline has impacted the lives of hundreds of students and families, not to mention thousands of supporters. He is an institution builder and has continued to encourage countless others.

khalilah ali.jpg

Khalilah Ali

A Rehabilitated emcee, educator, podcaster and writer Khalilah Ali, is an English professor, practitioner of the light arts, and an all out contrarian.


Khalilah continues to rap and perform, but has recently co-founded an entertainment group, Afropolitan, which supports and develops indie artists. She has a few podcasts she participates in: Ole Black Curmudgeons and Kinda Serious both available on Soundcloud and Itunes.


Dr. Ali is also the co-founder/coordinator of the extra-curricular program  Defacimento a youth program that explores the intersections of hip-hop, street art and education.


She also has published a few things on literacy, hip/hop and Black feminism and is currently writing a new album and very yawny academic book, A Bad Bitches Pedagogy, that explores the construction of  Black women's  racialized, sexualized and politicized artist-educator-activists'  identities expressed through their hip-hop, spoken word, visual art and performative texts.

Khalilah Ali received her Ph.D in Educational Studies with a focus on Literacy, Pedagogy, and Culture from Emory University, M.Ed. in Middle and Secondary Instruction and B.A. in Literature and African Studies from Georgia State University. Realizing that education can come from inside and outside the classroom, she is dedicated to ensuring that her students’ education comes in a multitude of forms.

Mike Africa Jr.jpg

Mike Africa Jr.

Mike Africa Jr. was born in 1978 in a Philadelphia prison. Both of Mike’s parents were political prisoners for 40 years. Mike started performing rap music at an early age and began to incorporate a conscious message in his music in the hopes of awakening people with his message.


Mike has traveled the world performing hip hop. He has performed for the First Lady of France (Danielle Mitterrand) with his rap group “Seeds Of Wisdom.” He has also shared the stage performers like Dead Prez, Mos Def, Immortal Technique, Rage Against the Machine and Chuck D of Public Enemy.

Mike has a broad range of knowledge when it comes to social issues in our society. He is a well versed public speaker and is capable of informing audiences with information about Political injustices, police brutality, the prison industrial complex, health and fitness and much more.


His resume as a public speaker is filled with appearances at venues like Madison Square Garden, The Meadow Lands and countless University’s. As a hip hop artist and a public speaker, Mike has traveled Internationally to Paris France, Winnipeg Manitoba, and Hong Kong.

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